Male Guinea Pig in search of home with other pig friend(s) URGENT - $25 (Provo)

Male Guinea Pig in search of home with other pig friend(s) URGENT 1 thumbnailMale Guinea Pig in search of home with other pig friend(s) URGENT 2 thumbnailMale Guinea Pig in search of home with other pig friend(s) URGENT 3 thumbnail
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condition: excellent
1 adolescent American Guinea Pig with red fur and red eyes. We call him PiKa (as in Pikachu). His big brother was older than the vet anticipated, and passed away recently, leaving Pika a lone pig. We will be on vacation for part of the summer and don't have anyone to take care of him for that long. He's getting lonely now that his brother is gone, and we want to find him a home that already has a guinea pig to play with. We need to find him a home asap. Located in Provo, but we are willing to meet up if you're farther away.
He comes free, we just ask $25 for all his supplies. We've accumulated a bunch of things to make a comfortable enclosure for two guinea pigs. Including but not limited to: •2 igloo hideys •~6 fleece blankets between 1-3yards •2 beds that fit inside the igloos •9 square feet of fencing with a gate (pictured), plus a 6sq ft cage and fitted waterproof base (not pictured) •1 hay dispenser, and 1 hay tub •2 waterbottles, one large, one small, both traditional ball tip non leak •1 fur brush (doesn't really work on PiKa's short hair, it was mostly for his big bro) •1 nail clipper •2 small bowls attachable to fence •2 normal-sized feeding dishes •1 soft house that Pika loves to jump into and popcorn inside •1 hammock hidey (Pika doesn't get in it, but loves hiding under it) •Cardboard for chewing, and any of the boxes turned tunnels/hideys if you want •1 edible hay tunnel (though they haven't really nibbled on it at all) •2 treat traps (so they have to lift a flap to get the hidden treat) •Timothy hay (whatever we have left) •Dry pellets mix (whatever we have left) •Fresh Veggies (whatever we have left)
He's energetic, loves attention, and especially loves being around the bros. We've had him since early February 2024, and he's grown since then, leading us to believe he's a younger pig. He loves to sing when you open the fridge and when literally anything crinkles. We pretty much leave his cage open and have little tunnels around the living room for him to zoom and explore, and a blanket with treats in our office for him to come visit us when he likes. His popcorns are so extra he sometimes has a hard time staying standing. It's adorable.
We had to keep him and his brother separated for the most part (individual cages next to each other), we believe it was the age difference. The older pig was chill and just wanted to do his own thing, but PiKa is young energetic, wants to play, and mess around, so they kinda clashed, however your situation may be different. He's even kinda famous, as we have him and his brother as an emoji on our youtube channel (unrelated to guinea pigs).
He's an even-tempered, social pig, and would potentially be great in a home with kids. However he's not a fan of our loud friends visiting.

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