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It is on sale right now - save $196 off the regular price PLUS it's time to work our cattle again.

GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR COWBOY OR VET or for yourself so you won't get hurt anymore.

The New Way To Work On Animals.

Our company is Chief Products. For more information, or if you are still somewhat unbelieving, please visit our website at . There you can see videos, information, Q&A's, and case studies. Also please take note the the animals used are not screaming in pain or showing any type of discomfort. That's because there isn't!

Eliminate the use of squeeze chutes and head gates with this product. No stress on the animal and no stress on you.
This product is good for Veterinarians, Ranchers, DIYers, Farriers, etc..
It completely immobilizes the animal so that you can tag, brand, castrate, work on hoofs, operate, milk, reintroduce calf, check the entire body from head to toe, float teeth, shearing, castrating. The list goes on.

I sell two different sizes of animal Immobilizers (immobiliser).
The standard size is used on large animals like cattle, horses, zebra, elk, etc. Probe is about 1¼" thick.

The Mini immobilizer is used on small animals like goats, sheep, pigs, dogs, etc. Probe is about ½" thick.

They are on sale right now and the price is $599.00 for either one. Regular price is $795.00
This is a one time investment like you invest in cattle or working pens. The only difference is that this will save you and the animals from getting hurt, you can work at ease, and a pleasurable experience for the animals instead of being scared to death of getting into your alley way.
Believe me, this changes the way us ranchers work on our animals.
I am the Texas distributor but I ship all over the country for a $14 Priority Mail flat fee or free pickup.

I also include a special wall charger worth $33.00.

Sorry ad is so long but there isn't enough words to state how this little machine can change both the animals' and your experience while working on them. It takes out the frustration and makes it enjoyable on your side. For the animal that hates the chute because they associate it with pain, they start to go into the alley (chute) by themselves.

WE ALSO SELL BULL EJACULATORS. See details on our website.
Cattle bull ejaculator (Ejaculation Probe Unit)

Unit comes with a special super low amp rechargeable battery that lasts 8-10 hours of work time. It comes fully charged and ready to work.
This equipment only Immobilizes animals. It does not in any way relieve/reduce/remove any pain whatsoever. If you would normally administer anesthetics and/or pain medicine, it still needs to be administered.


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